We have another third party developer that is becoming not interested in making any of the requests as so many are just vague.
Consider these things before posting:
1. Will the request you want be something that will benefit a majority of sites or is it just something on your wish list? If it's something on your wish list, get a developer to make it custom. Some developers will make things that only a few sites want but the majority want to be able to benefit many people with their work.
2. Is your request thorough enough for someone to understand exactly what you want? Read our stickied thread about how to post, . This is probably the most important point. Include details, screenshots, etc.
3. Is this request unique? Check to see if there are already apps for what you want. Check to make sure the request is not already covered in some other thread that you could add to that feature. Also, don't post "I want it like Facebook, Myspace, etc etc" as those sites are already done. We (site owners) need unique features in order to compete.
This feature request section is starting to fill up with lots of things that could be done by customizations and would not benefit many. Also, they are not being well described. There are getting to be far too many requests for any developer to sift through and find the good requests that would be as described in the above points.
If we keep getting complaints about this section, we might need to consider how we will provide a section for feature requests so that we can ensure they are conforming to basic feature request submission rules in order to make this better for everyone involved.
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