This is for core improvements.
Please keep larger requests here in this forum area for third party developers to consider making apps and for us to also see in the future should some good requests come in here that third party developers don't make.
The official feature request area is for improvements needed such as adding a button for internal message submit, etc. Please search that feature request tracker to ensure you don't post duplicates.
Please be sure to comment in the features there that you want to see improved as it helps us to know what clients really want. Note that we will not judge things as we did before, based on votes as that caused some bad feature implementations. However, it does help us to see which things are more popular for the requests that we accept.
When submitting a feature improvement, please post the following in order for us to consider it and for it not to be rejected for lack of information:
1. Include in the title the name of the feature you want improved and a short description (Example: Video - improve url).
2. Include in the main text of the issue exactly what one thing needs to improve. ONE thing. Be very descriptive.
3. If possible, include a screen shot
4. Only put one feature improvement per issue.
1. Say "just like this" site (facebook, etc) as we won't know what you want, don't want to have to go visit a place and sign up to see the features and this description is far too vague
2. Say a one word thing for what you want (I want a link). That's far too vague.
3. Don't put more than one feature improvement per issue. We will reject any feature improvements with more than one thing as we can only work on one thing per revision number.
Example of a good one:
Title: PM message submit button
Description: In the PM message system, if we hit Enter, it sends the message. Please make a send or submit button so that hitting Enter does not send the message but it requires us to hit the Send or submit button to send it.
(screen shot would be here)
Example of a bad one:
Title: Fix this like facebook
Description: I want the feed to be like facebook. Change the photos to look like popular sites. Move the profile over a little. Take the language and put it at top. Make me sign in with my language already done.
Please read these instructions. We are already having to reject and close requests that are not done with the information we request. If you want it accepted, or to have a chance to be accepted, please provide us the details we request. Please also put only one thing per request.
Last update on February 18, 2016 by Donna(data66).
We need more feedback now as we are looking at the features to see what clients are interested in from the requests there. Please comment in the feature requests you want to see implemented. Note that we just need to gauge interest and cannot promise that requests with lots of interest can be implemented as we will only implement things that will enhance the product without causing harmful side effects. Please remember, if submitting, to follow the posted guidelines in this thread and at the github area. That section is ONLY for small core improvements and not for full fledged features. Thank you.