1. Each member must have a valid phpFox license in order to interact with the community. Each client is allowed one Forums Account only. Any assistance regarding Forum Accounts will have to be requested directly in the client area by the licensed client. We will not grant any of our client’s personal details unless requested by the client themselves in their client area.
2. By being a current member of this Community you agree to the terms stated below, if you do not wish to participate in this Community you may request to be removed in a ticket in the client area.
3. Play nice.No abusive and offensive tone or nonconstructive criticism against anyone, indirectly or directly.
4. No profane words. This includes acronyms for profane words.
5. You may not publicly post on behalf of any banned members.
6. No spamming allowed, all spam from a client will be removed without any warning and will result in a warning regarding conduct. Continued spam will result in loss of forum privileges. Spam can be either multiple posts of the same thing, multiple threads of the same thing, or contacting multiple clients without their consent in their PM.
7. Any data posted on the site that encourages illegal activity will be removed and the member will be suspended. Any member within our Community suspected of illegal activities such as software piracy will temporarily be banned without warning and an investigation will be brought up in order for the banned member to provide information to clear the claims of illegal activity.
8. No indirect or direct riot seeking post/thread.
9. Selling/transferring or request of selling/transferring a license is not allowed, this Community is to gain support regarding the phpFox software and general add-on questions offered by clients.
10. Irrelevant and nonconstructive criticism, discussion and/or comparison regarding social networking scripts will be removed without warning; we also will not tolerate the same for other products. Although, everyone is welcome to post a constructive comparative discussion regarding any products. Complaints and ranting about the phpFox Product or Support will be removed. If there is a feature that you feel needs to be improved you are welcome to submit a feature request instead. If there is a support complaint, please submit a ticket to Community or to Sales. This will make it easier for us to follow up.
11. You are entirely responsible for any activity created by and/or with your account.
12. Avatars that looks like the logo of the avatars of the official phpFox staff members are not permitted and will be changed. Display names that look like official staff will be changed at our discretion (examples: phpFox, Fox, admin, etc)
13. No personal vendetta, if you feel someone stated something inappropriate do not reply to the post/thread instead report it to staff.
14. You may not refer an image or a link from, or to, a site containing; extreme violence, flagrant discrimination, pornography or illegal activities. If you need to refer to a link to an adult site please do not post the link, instead mention that you will give it in PM to those interested.
15. Thread titles with a staff member's name will be removed, no matter the content. If you wish to get our attention you are welcome to contact us.
16. Any abuse towards our staff or moderators will result in a banned account. This includes abuse on the open forum, in PM or within the ticket system. Any feedback you have please PM one of the staff members.
17. We reserve the right to suspend any account that intentionally disregards the rules at any time without a warning, since this Community is a privilege and not a right. If you have a banned account you are still entitled to get support from our Help desk. If the regulations are breached you could be banned and then given a second chance, but if you continue to breach the rules your account might be suspended indefinitely and your license will have the possibility to be revoked.
18. We reserve the right to remove any post not directly related to the thread, that breaks our terms, or that is offensive.
19. English is the language spoken on the forum. Posts that are not in English will be removed without warning if they do not contain an English translation.
20. No links to other sites are allowed when submitting requests for customizations or tips for customizations. This is due to DMCA orders from sites that don't want their stuff copied or emulated. Links will be removed without warning if we find them. If we receive a DMCA order because someone violates this rule, the account will be suspended from forum access.
21. Codes must be wrapped in code tags. Any posts without tags will be deleted without warning. Code tags are done [code] your code here[/code]
22. Any questions about policies need to be in a ticket to our sales department where we will respond. Any legal issues are to be sent to our sales department in a ticket from your client area. No legal issues will be allowed posted in the forum and will be removed without warning.
23. Affiliate links are not allowed due to legal issues in some countries. If you need to use affiliate links (in private message) you must state it is a paid advertisement. This is a MUST for forum participation due to legalities.
24. Advertisements in threads or posts or profiles, posts offering services, unsolicited PMs to clients offering services is not allowed. If you want to advertise, please contact us to purchase an ad spot.
25. phpFox reserves the right to modify these terms at any time.
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