I haven't received any returned messages for a couple of weeks so I thought I'd try to get help here.
I would like to move my phpfox site that is at www.wingsforall.com to www.blissplanet.com
I attempted to move the phpfox site into its own separate directory in the Bliss Planet site. I am running wordpress on that site and the wordpress directory is in a sub directory so I thought there wouldn't be any challenges. After moving the site and updating the server.sett.php file ...I see the home page of the PhpFox site, but once I attempt to login or click on any of the links it goes to the wordpress template.
Also I wish to update to the latest version from build 3.
I logged into the latest phpfox account and it says the following: "No purchases in our store have been made for this license. Join the fun!"
I purchased my PhpFox script in 2007 (invoice PF-4045) with unlimited updates.
I don't see anywhere I can download the current version.
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Please email this post to customer support... They will help you.
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Thank you for your response but I haven't received a reply from them for about 2 weeks :(
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I have replied to every support ticket during work hours. Please go to the client area. Please see our documentation also for how to change your domain as it is not at the store where you are logging in. You need to go to the client area which is in the Support menu tab to the left. If you don't see it, click the button next to our logo.
Note that you need to log in to see ticket responses as well. Again, all tickets have been responded to. If you didn't get them, you didn't log in to see the responses.
Last update on September 25, 2016 by Donna(data66).
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Thank you Donna :)
I was trying to access via an older area and emailing messages rather than through your support ticket system. I look forward to growing many more years with your fine social system!
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