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Blogs, forums how can we run the video.
Hi Promaster,
phpFox doesn't support attach videos on blogs/forums by default. But if you want this feature, kindly help us to post a request on phpFox Feature Requests, we will consider to implement it in the next versions.
Last update on December 16, 4:43 am by Robert.
Social Media

I add videos from blogs from vimeo but videos won't open

Social Media

I need urgent support on this issue why don't these videos work or how?


Dear Social Media,

Could you please open a ticket for urgent case. Currently, we did not support attach videos on blogs/forums by default. 

By the way, you can configure CKeditor to embed an iframe with a video link to your blog. In this case, we need you to provide more information to support. Please kindly open a ticket.