Isabella Jolie
As you may have known, we are still in progress of improving the phpFox store day by day. The goal is to create a store listing all products created by our 3rd party developers. This creates a trusted environment for our clients and it also brings benefits to our developers too.
Developers can develop, submit to get approval and sell their products in phpFox store. A product can be an app, a theme, a language pack or a package. Products in the store can have feedbacks (in term of reviews and ratings by clients) and are promoted automatically to featured, top rated section followed our defined criteria. Also, developers are allowed to report an abused review to admin and provide necessary info to prove that.
Developers are acknowledged and showcased in the developers listing page for clients to approach and contact, to ask for support or offer works.
We currently have a special discount to purchase the phpFox developer license for those who have products in store or will submit products to store within 30 days after they are listed in developers page.
Clients can find and purchase products in store embedded right in AdminCP of their phpFox site (e.g. Only Developers login is allowed in phpFox web store – in the mean time and Client login is not allowed but it will very soon be available in our next upgrades for the store.
When using the products, clients can freely provide their feedbacks (in term of reviews and ratings) via AdminCP. This will rate and promote all products, developers naturally, neutrally and "client-orientedly" in store as days go by.
While there isn't any charge for developers to get listed, to submit and sell products in the store, we also would like to avoid low-quality products from being listed in the store. With the current developer listings, we have to reject several applications from people simply filling it out without having any qualification.
All of your feedback, suggestion, contribution to phpFox store are always welcome and appreciated.
Last update on December 21, 2016 by Isabella Jolie.