I have a big issue on my site. I've migrated my site to a new server (with same OS, same options...), on same provider. Had a dedicated server, new server is still a dedicated. Migration has been made by a progessional Linux engineer, with no errors.
DNS are fine, my site is pinging, but I can't login or create an account on it :/. I've contacted phpfox support last friday, they answered me Cpanel, ssh and ftp accounts, I gave to them. But despite my relaunch I have no news from them since this friday (ticket N° #540769).
Anyway, I tried to clear cache (with FTP access), look at serversett.php and htaccess, everything is fine, but still can't login on my site. I activate debug lvl 3, there is no erros (but I'm not specialist).
Is anyone have an idea of what's happenning?
My site is "down" since ~10 days...
Really need your help.
ps: sorry for my english :p
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please contact me. i have helped many clients to solve their problems and i am online for the next 8 hours. we can start a chatsession and investigate the problem together.
THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANKS a lot for your help!!!!!!! Love you so much Scheinwelt-Media^^
Problem solved in 5mn, it is insane!!!!!!!