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If you are in need of assistance, in order to save time, please include the following information: - Is this a new problem? - Have you installed any new apps, language packs or templates lately? - Does debug show any errors ? (if yes, post errors) - What version of phpFox do you have ? - Did you test at the phpFox demo ? - If you didn't test at the demo, please do and let us know if the same issue is there. - What browser and OS are you using? - Have you checked to see if there are errors with firebug or developer console ? - Have you searched the forums for your issue? - Have you checked the Knowledgebase for an answer ? - Have you checked the bug tracker for your issue ? - Have you cleared your cache? - Please always put code or debug in code tags your code or debug and remove sensitive site info as it does get into Google. - Have you checked with the browser developer console (f12 in most browsers) and clicked the Network tab once that is open, to see if there are errors showing? - Have you tested in different browsers and with browser add ons disabled?
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