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We have recently been inundated with members that are using sites for tutorials and assistance thinking that they are approved phpFox support sites. These sites can pull up high in the Google searches, making them look legitimate. This thread is to warn members of the dangers of some sites masquerading as phpFox partners or phpFox official support forums.
This forum that you are on is the ONLY official support forum that phpFox as made.
phpFox store - is where you should get the addons you want. Developers also have their own sites for the addons they sell.
There are some sites that offer tutorials or help in their forums and offer "nulled" or "free for educational purposes" addons that are for sale in our addon section. These sites that show nulled products are nuller/hacker/pirate sites. If a product is nulled, a hacker has taken time to hack the code and then possibly put in their back doors and malware, and then loaded it to be "shared".
These sites are housing hackers. If they were not, they would have no hacked, nulled products to offer their members. Note that when you get one of these addons, you are getting stolen products that a developer made and is trying to earn a living with to feed their family. Using these nulled products will get you banned from here and will get your site removed from your hosting provider without notice once it is discovered - and it will be discovered.
One other thing you are doing if using these nulled products is most likely loading malware and back doors to your server. The back doors allow the hackers to find your site and access the server to do whatever they want.
Just a few of the many pirate sites you will find in searches and that you should stay away from are:
Those are just a few and I am not using the full urls for obvious reasons.
I hope I've given you some tools to use to spot a pirate/hacker site so you don't get your site deleted as some members have faced recently, by their hosts or by the hackers. Just remember, if it's nulled it's pirated and illegal. If its for sale here but listed free to try on any place other than the developer's site, it's probably stolen and hacked. If in doubt about an addon, ask the developer in the discussion tab of the addon or on the developer's site.
I can't stress how important it is for you to be on safe sites. More and more now we are having reports of member's email and paypal accounts being gotten into and stolen. This is causing many issues for people as Paypal is not helping them because the account is connected to the email that was hacked and the account info is not the same as their info now due to the hackers.
This has resulted in licenses being lost since they cannot get into their Paypal account to get their receipts, then they cannot verify their payments to us in order to prove ownership. This also has resulted in people having their bank accounts wiped out and many other issues.
Please stay off the nulled script sites. Please do not give your login details to anyone other than support or developers that are in our addons. If you use ODesk, ensure the developer has good reviews there.
You should create a special admin account for developers or support to use so you don't give out your main admin details. You should perhaps have a different email account to use for your site admin so that when you do give admin access, someone can't just look up your account there and get your email that you use everyplace.
Perhaps set up a separate Paypal account for business and a small bank account attached to that just in case your credentials are compromised, if they get into your Paypal account they only drain a small bank account as opposed to your main bank account.
These are some basic tips that I hope will help.