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Hi Community,
Let's have a quick look back about some new apps and themes in May
1. Sticky Musicali theme by Scheinwelt-Media -
- Sticky menu when scrolling
- Full-width frontpage image
- Set main colors in admincp

2. Notification Sound by Scheinwelt-Media -
Introduction: This app plays a sound on new notifications, messages and friend requests

3. Easy Uninstaller by Scheinwelt-Media -
Introduction: This app adds a button for fast uninstalling apps in your admincp

4. Profile Completeness by FoxExpert -
Introduction: Want to motivate your users to fill their profiles? This app solve this problem. Show nice progress bar with non filled fields, and remind your users to fill his profiles.

5. Instant Messaging by phpFox -
Introduction: What if your users want to have private chat with their friends in your community? Understand that need, we provide the IM Chat for you to allow your users to send individual messages, attach external links, share emoji to other users.

6. Verify System by FoxExpert -
- Ability to upload any documents for verify Profile, Events, Pages, Groups, Advanced Events, Stores, Courses
- Ability to verify Profile, Events, Pages, Groups, Advanced Events, Stores, Courses by user reviews (example: after 5 reviews profile will be verified)
- Verify icon on all core modules and many 3rd party modules (who used standart phpfox function for render user) for profiles.
- Verify icon on profile, single event page, single group page, single pages page, single advancedevent page, store page, course information page.
- Verified Profiles, Verified Groups, Verified Pages, Verified Events, Verified Advancedevent, Verified Stores, Verified Courses blocks on certain Browse pages. (setup automatically, you may enable/disable it on admin-blocks)
- Rich email notification after approve or reject.
- All phrases into languages system (easy translate)

7. Landing Page by Scheinwelt-Media -
Introduction: This app changes the landing page of the default bootstrap and other bootstrap based themes. Make your landingpage more interesting with this powerful app

8. Affiliate by YouNetCo -
Introduction: Are you looking for a method to advertise your website, products, or services? Affiliate marketing is a powerful and effective one to boost your business by creating a huge affiliate network - which may help automatically promote your site, products, and services round the clock. More traffic to your website means an increased likelihood of converting them into real customers, thus raise your revenue and maximize the value from your website's visitors. Our plugin allows affiliates to earn profit through purchases from their clients, hence encourage them to share and introduce your site to others. It is also a perfect tool for you to track the referrals to your website as well as their deposits spent on your site.
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