Hiya, I wanted to check with people first before bothering to write this as a feature request. Some time ago, there were a large number of people who wanted the ability to have a single display name option, which became the users vanity/profile URL, combined with the users real name. Whether the real name was public or not depends on the kind of site. The problem was always that phpFox assumed everyone wanted a Facebook clone with real names public. And it's idea of having both usernames and display names seem to be based on old forum software. This simply isn't how sites work now.
People operating semi-anonymous sites wanted a single display name that could serve as the profile url but had to use tricks and plugins to hide one of the fields on registration. I recall in an early newsletter for phpFox v4, that raymond did mention including this option in the core 'in the future' (nearly 2 years ago), so my question is, is this now possible? I loved phpFox and it's improvements look great, but I'm not reinstalling it to check for this function
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Hi LEthaLity,
Currently, in the latest version of phpFox (4.5.2), admin can decide to show usename or displayname or both of them in Register form. You can find the setting in Admincp - Settings - Registration - Display Full Name (Display Name) and Username on Sign Up.
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