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phpFox CDN and Amazon CDN are now available for download directly in the store as we have released the phpFox version 4.5.3. These two apps are now standalone apps and are separated from the core platform of phpFox. In other words, they can be easily installed directly from the store through your AdminCP for free.
Why is CDN important?
Having CDN or what we call Content Delivery Network on any website is very important as it gives customer satisfaction guarantee by providing fast browsing experience. It is advisable to have a CDN installed on your phpFox site especially if your site is getting bigger. It helps to pull out the needed content of your user from the main storage server to the nearest available. As a result, having these apps installed on your social network site makes your users experience the best browsing ever.
Difference between phpFox CDN and Amazon CDN apps.
Both apps have file storage functionalities. phpFox CDN stores the files to your specified server storage while the Amazon CDN stores the files in Amazon S3 Service. Installing phpFox CDN will require you a bit knowledge of setting up a server while Amazon CDN doesn't. You just need to get the setting provided by the Amazon S3 and that's it.
Advantage of Standalone Apps
As you all know, you can also install other core apps of phpFox directly from the store. You can find the list of these apps on this page. Porting these apps and make them as standalone apps from the core platform has a lot of advantages. You can easily select those core apps your site need to install from the store. We are also planning to release all the other core apps of phpFox and make them as standalone apps when we release version 4.6.0. This way, you don't need to worry about your site putting offline whenever you are having any issues. You just need to tell us which app is being affected and we'll fix the affected app itself and not the whole site. As a result, it can save you money and time for fixing the issues.
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Amazon CDN:
Visit our website at or submit a ticket in your client area if you have any problems with the installation.
Last update on September 6, 2017 by Albert Santiago.