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Is there an app that can view statistics about members who have sent email invitation from the site?

- Number of invitations sent, such as top 10 members
- Number of registration on the site coming from an individual member invitation

Jonathan Mitchell

there was one for V3 called Referrals showed the admin a list of new members and who invited them..not sure if it works on V4 or if any developer has upgraded it or made a new app for it


@Jonathan Mitchell - I had this app once!

We need an Invitation App:

  • Number of Invitations sent by users
  • Top 100 members to send invitations (by numbers sent)
  • Top 25 members (by numbers accepted)
  • Bonus Points (Admin can give EXTRA points i.e. 500 pts for members to invite during the next 3 weeks)
  • Number Registered on Site by invitations




I agree...we need this.  I attempted to tell YouNet this for their Affiliate add-on as they do have point system set up already and all they had to do was to add some code to do a invite/accept statement but they said only purchased items register for gain money/points.  I tried to explain we need users first then they will buy but I guess they did not understand where I was coming from.


The developer whom made it:

phpFoxGuru Referral


This needs to be looked at again.

Jonathan Mitchell

so far only way I know of is through the database phpfox_invite table


Yes...but this should be listed in the invite app as well as a way to export that list.  It should also have a limit on how many invites a specific group (register users) can send as well.

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