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Just a list so you can inform us if it has been removed or just moved.  Also it looks like you give a link to meta data change area for most of the apps besides the ones below that mention meta stuff.

 SettingsTop Bloggers Limit8      
  Blog Count for Top Bloggers10      
  Cache Top BloggersYes      
  Top Bloggers Cache Time180      
  Display Post Count for Top BloggersYes      
  Blog  F j, Y      
  Blog Meta Description       
  Blog Meta Keywords       
 SettingsEvent Profile Time StampF j, Y      
  Profile Event CountNo      
  Event Browsing Time Stampl, F j      
  Cache Upcoming Events (Hours)8      
  Event Basic Information Time Stamp (Short)g:i a      
 SettingsDatabase TrackingYes      
  Forum User Time StampF j, Y      
  Total Recent Discussions Display20      
  Total Recent Posts Display20      
 SettingsAllow Friend Requests from Blocked usersNo      
 SettingsUpdate Message "Read" on Notification PreviewYes      
 SettingsMarketplace View Time StampF j, Y      
  Total "More From" Listings to Display10      
  How Many Sponsor Listings To Show5      
 SettingsShow Page AdminsNo      
 SettingsImage DetailsF j, Y      
  Photo Meta Description       
  Photo Meta Keywords       
 SettingsPoll Time StampFj,Y      
  Poll Meta DescriptionNew polls on Development daily.    
 SettingsQuizzes to show10      
  Quiz Time StampFj,Y      
  Recent Takers To Show5      
  Quiz Meta Keywords quiz, test, online, quizzes, tests, free, cool, fun 
  Quiz Meta Description Take Free Fun Quizzes & Tests. Cool Online Fun Quiz & Test.

Hi JohnJr,

From version 4.6.0, we have separated apps from the core platform. We also have some improvements on them. The changelog (new/removed settings, new/remove blocks, ...) for each app have been prepared in our documents:

- Blogs  

- Events

- Forum 

- Marketplace 

- Pages 

- Photos 

- Polls 

- Quizzes 


About the issue: SEO settings are missed in some apps, we will fixed as soon as posible. Thanks for your report and sorry about this inconvenience.

Last update on January 15, 2:59 am by Robert.

Thanks for the links...this was just an FYI so in case someone was looking for the setting or thought it use to be there and maybe they were losing their mind.  Like I said before in another far all the stuff I did see removed was good as it wasn't needed in my opinion.

Here are some more that I found


Time Stamps Notification TimestampF d
  Image DetailsF j, Y
  BlogF j, Y
  Marketplace View Time StampFj, Y
registration settings Clickatell Password: 
  Clickatell APP ID: 
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group (App)

Can moderate groups? 
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If enabled, members of this user group will be able to toggle a privacy setting to stop receiving newsletters.
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Can edit public photo categories?
Can add public photo categories?
Define how many photos to display within an album on a users profile.
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Force users to use the cropping tool before completing the profile photo upload routine.
Can select to be invisible?
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