Hi guys,

As we have promised in other threads, we have just released some patches of the Core Apps to fix some major issues, such as:

- Missing SEO setting in some apps (Photos, Blogs, Polls, Quizzes...)

- Listing photos aren't shown in listing detail page

- Cannot use IM Hosting Service

- Cannot use the app phpFox CDN on php 5.5


And below is the detail list of the patches:

- phpFox CDN 4.6.1

- Instant Messaging 4.6.1

- Quizzes 4.6.1

- Blogs 4.6.1

- Polls 4.6.1

- Photos 4.6.1

Marketplace 4.6.1

Thank you so much for your contributions.



Last update on February 13, 2018 by Robert.