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Need a way to limit number of invites a member can send out..such as 10/hr or 50/day.

The Invite Module has been a huge vulnerabilty since its inception..

Any member can copy and paste 1000 email address from an email list or yahoo CVS file...once they hit send your site will come to a screaching halt and all you'll see is "Page TimeOut" error..

Once that finally clears, you'll just see a white page because your hosting has blocked access to your site due to each of those invites translates to an email being sent... massive amount like that and a spamming protection will be triggered by your server..


yes that happen to me, and when i contacted hosting company, they said it was blocked for spamming. To many emails sent in one que.


Hi all,

Thanks for your suggestion. Our team will spend time to discuss on it. The status will be updated as soon as we have the final decision.


Jonathan Mitchell

thank its current state..anyone can log into our sites and crash them 


This thread had some good suggestions if updated.


This also should be looked at again....limits