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When you edit a user in the admincp it removes the state they live in.


I am using 4.6.0 and I just went in and edit a user gender status under adminCP and it did not change or remove the state she was from.  Are you editing a specific field so I can test it out?


i can confirm this bug on 4.6.0. the state select always goes back to default when opening a user to edit. please add this to the github issue tracker

Last update on March 9, 5:36 pm by Scheinwelt-Media.

Figure out why mine didn't have that issue...I set my database county_child default for the state since most people will be from my state so I set the default value to that...too funny...well not so much now that there is a bug.

Last update on March 9, 6:46 pm by JohnJr.

Hi all,

We can confirm with you that it's a bug of the Core script. We will fix it in the next patch of phpFox - 4.6.1.

Thanks for your report and sorry about this inconvenience.


Hi all,

We have fixed this issue on phpFox core 4.6.1. Please help us to check it again.