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Hi I see the layout of how to setup gender question is this. 

I want only in profile male female shemale trans* etc. And the rest to say 

Their everywhere else. 

So let's say gender 1 uploaded photo it wilp say their photo 

Gender 2 uploaded video it would say their video. 


All genders I can make will all say their and not say his her etc. Only when user select gender it shows gender in their profile. 

Would then I change his herself himself to their .and only change male female and create only profile prose to whatever gender is the profile.gender ?




i can change to 





or would it be 








etc.. as many genders as i want ?

also since there is core.their in phrases would i only have to add profile male, profile female, profile agender, profle androgyne to the phrases? if so how i see when we try to add new phrase it says 

Quick and Detail

if i select Detail has under it



Text in English (US)


so in Varname i would write profile and in Text I would write the Gender Male Female Agender Androgyne

then Submit and Im all set do each one like this ??

is this possible ??

thanks for the answer in advance


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Hi spirog,

Please look over below example for your case:

1 | gender_their | profile.male | gender_themselves

2 | gender_their | profile.female | gender_themselves | female

3 | gender_their | profile_agender | gender_themselves

4 | gender_their | profile_androgyne | gender_themselves

gender_their is the phrase var name of "their"

gender_themselves is the phrase var name of "themselves"

profile_agender is the phrase var name of "agender"


-> this means you have to make sure that all of them have added to phrases.

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why is this the only one that has female at the end is there a reason for that thank you so much for answering my question


2 | gender_their | profile.female | gender_themselves | female