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I was wondering first -  can we install phpfox on our www.domain.tld and 3 or more installs on sub1.domain.tld, sub2.domain.tld sub3.domain.tld etc.. 

the reason I ask if possible, i wanted to make my doman.tld the main site for certain club - (lets call it fishing club)

inside the club we have bass club, catfish club,  northern pike club etc.. can I install phpfox as sub domain for each fishing club so (bass.domain,tld) catfish.domain.tld) etc.. and use the same database as main domain ?

so when user signs up from main domain his info is also available on subdomain,

but can only view that clubs information, so when in bass club you only see posts from bass club, when in catfish club you only see information - posts from catfish club, but on main domain they can see all clubs information and what each other posted in that club and the club they belong too, so other users might want to join that club. 

the main domain will have all posts and information from all clubs . but when in a sub domain that is a specific club they can only view the posts photos blogs, videos etc in that specific club.

how is this possible to do ?

or even if we make main domain read only, no one can post anything on main domain they have to join a club ( sub.domain.tld) to post. but main domain gets all posts from each club ( sub1.domaintld, sub2.domain.tld sub3.domain.tld) for each blog, video, pages, groups, music, etc.. 

sub1 posts from blog, video, pages, groups, music, etc.. go to main domain


sub2 posts from blog, video, pages, groups, music, etc.. go to main domain

etc.. but stay seperate in each sub domain ?


thanks in advance for your amswer and hopefully there is a way to do this :)

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Jonathan Mitchell

seems like it would be easier to just do it with User Groups and Pages. Set a User Group and a Page for each fish type. Set so no group can post in the main feed (only on their chosen group Page) Admin can make announcements or whatever on main feed. At registration, have a Subscription package where each fish type is a package selection...once they join that group, they can join that groups Page


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your reply .

My only concern is blog posts videos events . They will be mixed all together on.main domain  .we wanted to have it kind of like a separate page. So only bass fish would be in one and another fish type would be in another. So when you click on videos. It would be all types of bass fishing videos. Categories to be about bass fish. And another fish type would be videos boog post with categories about different fish categories. Etc .unless we can do bass fish .Categories - sub categories. Then catfish categories - sub categories .then it might work. 

I would need to learn more on how to set subscription to allow user to be part of that group. And how they would join and block tye main page from them This does sound alot easier. Just unsure how to do that. Thanks if you can give me a little as to what settings I would need to set .unless it's like writing a book. I can just dontrial and erorr and see f I can figure it out. Thanks so much for your idea. 

Any other thoughts by devs or someone else .Would love some feedback on this .


Thanks again Jonathon . You are always very helpful .I do appreciate you .:)



Jonathan Mitchell

The way you mentioned would be tricky and not sure if this would work..but you would have to set a separate database for each subdomain during each ones setup...then go into the setting file and change it to point to the main domains database...would need to do this before any members joined or their info would be on the subs database..


You would need a license for each subdomain, and you would increase your effort and cost by three.  Jonathan idea is the way to go.  Set it up as private groups which are like have three different sites since you see nothing unless your part of the group.  I am pretty sure the videos you did in the group would be viewed only by the group.  This way you could also encourage members to join different groups as well.  Plus it would be easier to add content (such as blogs) to only one site than multiples.  I love fishing, and although my primary target is Bass, if I saw a blog on Pike or Musky I would probably read it because it brings value to me.  Great idea, good luck!

Jonathan Mitchell

just disable the video, blog, forum, etc menus from the main menu ..that way members would have to do those from within the Groups doing groups like that, a member should be able to join any or all of the other groups if they wanted to.

Mohammed Alex

Hi you all,

Can we use unlimited sub-domains with Phpfox license ? 


No.  You are allowed one install (whether is it a domain or subdomain but not both)  you are also allowed a single install for a development site.  See below for their policy on development.

Development sites, if done according to the license terms, do not need to be put in your account when you are trying to install. As long as the development site is in a phpfoxdev or development subfolder or subdomain of the licensed domain, it will be fine without changing the domain in your account.

Mohammed Alex

really confusing phpfox and younet co says otherwise.


I think the way YouNetCo explained it is legal since you are only using one database and one install for your main site (besides the development site).  The database is holding only one set of data which is easier to control and upgrade.  The difference is that the subdomain is just a pointer (like call forwarding for a telephone).  Then the code in the main site will check the IP address of the user or even better than that use the name of the subdomain you're coming from, and that will determine whether the user sees everything in the specific language for that domain.  It is a genius concept, and I give thumbs up for YouNetco thinking outside the box.