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Just figure out that under PAGES and now GROUPS as well they removed the following from Pages Group Settings.  Why was this so important.  Well, the only setting we have is that the group can create pages...does not indicate whether they can make 50 or just 1.  So previously you could create the page then let the person claim it and then they could manage it.  Now even if I turn on can create a new PAGE for a few minutes and have them create the PAGE.  Then, when I shut it off it comes up now saying  Membership Notice...this feature or section you are attempting to use is not permitted with your membership level.  Like to know why they remove this setting?  You should do a poll and find out whether there is a reason why stuff was there previously.


Can members of this user group design pages they have created?
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Just to reinstate that your PAGES and GROUPS look (even with the small issues above) so AWESOME now with this new material theme is almost tempting to move all 900 business back to PAGES/GROUPS (where I had them before) from the business directory.  I am very impressed.

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Also, I can't tell by the demo, so I don't know if it is just my site.  But I have coupons by YouNet (which is a great app besides a few little issues) and some other apps that show up on PAGES/GROUPS.  This feature is fantastic until you don't want coupons on PAGES/GROUPS.  But you almost solved it by having the ability to shut off those menu items under manage integrated items. Which works pretty good except when I shut off the coupon app, it does not show on the menu but when the owner goes into to manage it under permissions is sees all these extra settings like Advanced Event, Advanced Marketplace...Coupons...etc.   These settings should not even be there since I already shut it off under manage integrate items.  So now I have to explain to them each time that it is a bug as you should not see those settings as coupons are not offered for PAGES/GROUPS.

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Maybe I will stick with YouNet Business Directory...

For some reason, there is no option to remove Advance Marketplace in the GROUPS Manage Integrated Items. Might have to hack the database.

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Ok, I can't figure out why Advance Marketplace is not showing up in the Manage Integrated Items in Pages or Groups.  I thought I solved it by finding in the phpfox_module under field phrase_var_name was module_apps for all the other settings in Manage Integrated Items but for Advance Marketplace it was called module_advancemarketplaces.  So I change it to module_apps, but it did nothing, and the option to shut off Advance Marketplace in groups or page under Manage Integrated Items is not currently possible I guess :(

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Maybe I will stick with YouNet Business Directory...

For some reason, there is no option to remove Advance Marketplace in the GROUPS Manage Integrated Items. Might have to hack the database.

I did solve this problem as it was YouNetCo issue...see the following thread.


So after this long and winded thread, I will outline the issues still :)

  1. No way to issue control how many PAGES or GROUPS a USER GROUP can have.  Can't even turn on the settings "Add a Group" and then have them add the group and then turn the setting off because then they would not be able to manage the group they already own.
  2. Groups are missing the info tab as well as that cool map in the info tab.  Instead, you provided a small block called Group Info which you have to click on the more link to see the complete details.  It is small font and no formatting available.
  3. Groups are missing the ability to pick the default landing page which is essential to the group admins if they wanted an announcement page and make sure all their members would see it.
  4. In Groups now when I go to the Permissions tab, I see a bunch of options that I turned off under the Manage Integrated Items like
  • Who can share Advanced Events?

  • Who can view/browser Advanced Events?

  • Who can share coupons?

  • Who can view/browse coupons?

  • Who can share a company?

  • Who can view companies?

  • Who can share Advanced Blogs?

  • Who can view Advanced Blogs?

There are almost as many settings that don't even exist on the home page of the group then there are available to control.  Here are the ones that should be on there according to my Managed Integrated Items for GROUPS.

  • Who can share blogs?

  • Who can view/browse blogs? (This is missing)

  • Who can share events?

  • Who can share events?  (Listed Twice?)

  • Who can view/browse events?

  • Who can start a discussion?

  • Who can reply a discussion?

  • Who can view/browse discussion? (This is Missing)

  • Who can post a comment?

  • Who can view admins?

  • Who can share a photo?

  • Who can view/browse photo? (This is Missing)

  • Who can share videos?

  • Who can view/browse videos? (This is Missing)

  • Who can tag this group?

I did run find missing settings with no change.


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Also, I would like to point out groups are missing in the permission area that it lists the two type of members.  Admin and members of the groups.  I like the idea of groups since the group owner gets to decide who joins and therefore controls who can post but the who can view should go one step further by adding site members and anyone membership that is already in the PAGES app.  The reason for this is for me the owner wants the public to see the blogs and events, but they want the Discussion/Forum to be private between the GROUPS joined members. 

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Even the permission is not working correctly, or I don't understand their purpose.  An example of this would be I picked the Public setting for the group but for one of the permissions I chose:

Who can view/browse events?  members only

I don't even have to be logged in, and I can see the tab and all the events for this GROUP PAGE.  Not sure if permissions work when you set it as public.  I was assuming it would start with everything public and then you could fine tune it with individuals permissions.

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Hi JohnJr,

Thanks all for your feedback. Our team will spend time to discuss and response you as soon as possible.


Robert, I am very worried.  Are there only three people left there?  I am sorry to be rude, but I am frustrated.  I gave up for now on my more complicated website with phpfox as too many add-ons as well as phpfox core had too many issues.

Now I thought of a new niche, and it is straightforward...just using ads, no chat, no video...nothing.  The menu only consists of home, groups, and forum (which I will rename as help since there is no core product or third-party add-on that have a logical help system).

Installed 4.6.3  (fresh install), set up SSL and rewrite and added one group membership.  Knew I only need one GROUP category, so I went to the GROUP App and shut of three group titles and edited the sports category image and a complete fail.  I was only ten steps into this, and I found a bug.  I know it is bug without a doubt because I have done any changes besides that.  So I go to the database to see what is going on now...and see that the other GROUP categories (like food, travel, and photography) are the following beginning URL (PF.Site/Apps/core-groups/assets/img/default-cat...) and the sports category now says the image location URL is (PF.Base/file/pic/pages/)

I thought changing these features to Apps was going to help with improvements and bugs...but sorry to say...I don't see it as this was just a new version of Groups with this issue and no other issues listed above were fixed as well.


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Ok, after several hours (you can tell from my last post) I found another bug where I could create a Group and edit the group but was unable to view it.  So I spent hours and hours trying to figure it out...looking at the logs, reinstalling a fresh copy several times and going immediately and trying to create a group and view luck.  I change my PHP on my server.  I deleted my Cloudflare account and reset through GoDaddy instead.  Removed SSL and a bunch of other crap...I hope you can see our frustration and the hours we waste with this bugs.

I did find of course...I uninstalled groups and reinstalled it again with no luck. So, then I thought well since they use the same table for groups and pages (although groups are missing a bunch of cool features that pages have) I decided to add the PAGES App even though I don't need it as I assume it was an option as it was indicated when I installed phpfox.  Well guess do need it.  As soon as I installed PAGES the groups I made came up.  All the other bugs/issues are still there, but at least I solved one for now.  Just deleted the site again and will start again fresh tomorrow after I redo my server and Cloudflare account as well as redo SSL certificate again...

I hope you see the frustration we are having...there are only about ten members on this forum anymore as many have given up.

Also, I thought you connect this forum to ownership of phpfox so why do we have to do recaptcha every time.  I swear it takes me three times each time to get past that stupid thing.  Set it up like an invite-only but put all our email addresses in there so that way no one without a license can sign up.


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Oh, it also solved the bug listed above with the image URL.   What a waste of a day.

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John why you dont post on github these issues ??? its so much easier for them to see it @harrison has been marking them as bugs

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I never know if it is just me being stupid, so I throw it out there, and if someone else is also having the issue they can post it on GitHub and wait several months...I just hack the code and fix it myself in the time it takes me to write the post.  But, if you want to wait for response go right ahead as I might not be on their good side much anymore with my complaining which sometimes is too much.  What I will say the look of my site is very nice, way better than what social engine could provide me.  Need to work on the bugs before we ask for more options.

Currently, my new install which only uses groups and blogs has 32 code hacks and 46 css changes and 67 phrase changes.


lol god bless you,  im not so lucky I do not code and not good with css so I am the guy who has to wait I guess. I could pay someone to do some hacks and css but I would ruin it as soon as some fixes roll out and new features i guess, so I am stuck :( waiting

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