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i want to set when a user register he has give the phone number, i see the option SMS Service

seem like they area apps, so are they can get our data , right ?

plz help me to understand this ?


can anyone help me plz


Hi mtv,

We can confirm with you that phpFox have supported a feature to support verify users via SMS in registration process. Below are related settings:

Enable Registration using SMS Service: enable/disable verify via SMS in Registration process.

SMS Service: choose SMS service to verify (we support 3 service providers:  Nexmo, Twilio, Clickatell)

Nexmo API KEY, Nexmo API Secret and Nexmo Phone Number: required configurations in case you use Nexmo as SMS service verifier.

Twilio Account ID, Twilio Auth Token & Twilio Phone Number: required configurations in case you use Twilio as SMS service verifier.

Clickatell API Key: required configurations in case you use Clickatell as SMS service verifier.

For get more detail information how to work with above service providers, please visit their website. However, our support team will spend time to prepare a detail tutorial for this feature.

Thanks for your feedback and hope that this feature interests you.


thanks robert