I feel like I already know the answer to this, but years ago now, the "main guy" said they would be sorting out the user name vs display name setting, was this ever done? I don't see it in recent changes and presumably it'd be listed as a significant change.
If, as I suspect, it hasn't been changed, why not? I still ask for someone that know what they're talking about to show me a modern social network that handles user names, display names and vanity urls the way PHPFox has. My request, and I shouldn't have to use a third-party support site or app to achieve it, is to have a semi-anonymous site, where a user logs in with their email address, has a display/profile name that forms their profile/vanity URL, and also has a real/full name setting for backend, private personalisation purposes.

The last time I installed PHPFox, to do that, you had to use plugins, or make core edits, to hide fields and automatically set one of the fields to what was entered in another

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