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How do I fix an error with a badly displayed navigation panel?

The entire panel is shifted to the left. In the phpfox demo, the panel displays correctly - in the middle. I tried to rebuild the core theme, but give it the same. The phpfox 4.6.1 version is freshly installed. In screenshot 1 there is an incorrect way in which I am displayed, in the second screenshot there is a correct version with the phpfox demo.


Do you have any ideas?


The error occurred with the Bundle JavaScript & CSS option enabled. As I turned it off, it displays correctly. - such a remark for people who may have similar problems.


Hi kerstar,

We can confirm with you that it's a bug of the Material template 4.6.1. We will fix it in the next patch (4.6.1p1) that will be released soon with core 4.6.1 build 2.

We hope that both of them will be available for you in this week.

Thanks for your report and so sorry for this inconvenience.