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After installing phpfox 4.6.1 I noticed that the site works quite slowly. In Google PageSpeed Insights, the site has 15/100 points for mobile and 24/100 for computers. - these are values for the new installation, without photos and users. I set the Javascript & CSS Bundle on Yes and it did not help much. I have gzip on, but it does not help ... In I have the result: PageSpeed Score - F (25%), YSlow Score - C (75%), Fully Loaded Time - 4.6 seconds, Total Page Size - 4 MB.

These values are far too large, in particular the size of the page.

I am using a VPS server.

How to fix it?

Last update on April 15, 9:23 pm by kerstar.

I've raised this issue previously. about 4.6.x. It does not scale and if you already have a large production site, updating it to v4.6.1 may possibly kill off the community slowly.. They've mentioned about working on the core speed, but I've not seen it thus far.  However, the UI are improving, but Google will signicantly penalize sites for poor performance, Add some concurrent connections of users and the problems.are multiplied by a factor of x.

Last update on April 16, 1:01 pm by prepperz.

i have checked my site speed with and it was not that good (like yours about 25%). some bad parts are coming from google badges. but when i browse my site it is really fast and my users like it. i am not sure if such measurements are that important. does your site load slow when browsing?

It loads relatively quickly, but I noticed (it's my subjective feeling) that it loads slightly slower than version 4.6.0.

I previously had gzip enabled, but Google PageSpeed Insights did not see it. Later I forced the GZIP compression on the server. The results are still the same, although other websites show that compression is on.
I've read that Google PageSpeed Insights updates its data once a week, so maybe you have to wait a bit, but other websites also show me that my page weighs 4 MB instead of much less.
I mention this because I tested the pgpfox demo in GTmetrix and the results are much better. Here they are:
I do not know what's wrong anymore.

Maybe a bad server setting?

I care about speed, because the planned online traffic is 10-15 thousand users online, and at the moment I do not see it well.

Hi kerstar,

We can confirm with you that before releasing a version, we alway have step to check and compare performance with previous versions. In 4.6.1, we have a alot of update in js and css script and may be this affects to GTmetrix score. Do you check Bundle Js feature? It can help your site reduces the time to load static resource.

Hi Robert,

When I turned Bundle JavaScript & CSS on, I had an error displaying the navigation panel incorrectly. I described it here:

That's why I disabled this option and the panel displays well.

Will uninstalling some applications that I won't use speeding up the page? 

Or is there any other way? I am afraid that with more users the website may work slowly.

Last update on April 16, 11:15 pm by kerstar.
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What kind of server(s) are you running?  Dedicated or shared hosting?  How much RAM, Cores, and processor speed? How many concurrent users are slowing your site down?

i have server  6 core 32mb ram  no ssd just 2 x 2tb hdd sata III and my score >> fresh install with a few pcitures etc was

80 and 72 GTmetrix score 

maybe your vps is too slow or not enough cpu cores ?



Last update on April 17, 9:55 am by spirog.

Hi all,

Thank you all for your advice.
Parameters of my VPS server:
Intel Xeon E5 v4 - 4 cores
100 mbps connection

I use Apache + ngnx - together. Apache is behind Nginx.

This means that there is something wrong with my server configuration.

spirog - do you have PageSpeed Modules installed? - is it worthwhile to install it?


Do you use any cdn service like cloudflare or the like. If you do, it doesn't count and should be tested without it.

No, I do not use.

Problem solved. The problem was wrong configuration of the server. These are the new results: 

What was configure wrong on the server?  This might have future users to know this.

yes what configuration did you change?

does anyone know if a cdn like cloudfire really makes a difference to have it?