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After installing phpfox 4.6.1 I noticed that the site works quite slowly. In Google PageSpeed Insights, the site has 15/100 points for mobile and 24/100 for computers. - these are values for the new installation, without photos and users. I set the Javascript & CSS Bundle on Yes and it did not help much. I have gzip on, but it does not help ... In I have the result: PageSpeed Score - F (25%), YSlow Score - C (75%), Fully Loaded Time - 4.6 seconds, Total Page Size - 4 MB.

These values are far too large, in particular the size of the page.

I am using a VPS server.

How to fix it?

Last update on April 15, 9:23 pm by kerstar.

What kind of server(s) are you running?  Dedicated or shared hosting?  How much RAM, Cores, and processor speed? How many concurrent users are slowing your site down?


i have server  6 core 32mb ram  no ssd just 2 x 2tb hdd sata III and my score >> fresh install with a few pcitures etc was

80 and 72 GTmetrix score 

maybe your vps is too slow or not enough cpu cores ?



Last update on April 17, 9:55 am by spirog.

Hi all,

Thank you all for your advice.
Parameters of my VPS server:
Intel Xeon E5 v4 - 4 cores
100 mbps connection

I use Apache + ngnx - together. Apache is behind Nginx.

This means that there is something wrong with my server configuration.

spirog - do you have PageSpeed Modules installed? - is it worthwhile to install it?



Do you use any cdn service like cloudflare or the like. If you do, it doesn't count and should be tested without it.


No, I do not use.


Problem solved. The problem was wrong configuration of the server. These are the new results: 


What was configure wrong on the server?  This might have future users to know this.


yes what configuration did you change?


does anyone know if a cdn like cloudfire really makes a difference to have it?


It makes a big difference in the testing score...but the free version seem like after awhile they were caching less than 10% of called pages according to their internal charts but it is free so who can complain...not me :)


so its worth setting up?


Yes, very easy too!



Hi all!

On a global level compression and caching was enabled, but gtmetrix and google did not see it.

When I turned on the vhost level, it worked.


Hi sorry for delaying reaction. @pepperz and everyone else. No cdn. Optimize site in cpanel and or .htaccess use

Gzip enabled and used

deflate from gtmetrix they have a couple lines of code for your .htaccess file to add 


That's it .I don't use anyone's plugins. Nothing really catches my eyes yet. And we're still waiting on 99% bugfree version if 4.6.2 or 4.7 not sure when. But that's all mind you I'm working on finding bugs for Neil to fix. If we help them to find bugs. Hopefully they can fix them and we will have better release. :) ?? In good hopes I pray that my help in finding bugs and posting them in GitHub tracker  will get me a better and faster  product sooner than later :)


Thanks and sorry for late responses .




Also was just using:

file cache

not memcached

Not redis  

If you disable some phpfox apps. Like ckeditor and IM turn them off if you don't use them you will see a little better speed. In gtmetrix.