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i see that ckeditor_full support embed liks but dit not support full screen,

how do i allow fullscreen in CKeditor what file i mast edit?? 

eny help please :)

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like this...

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Well...I tried.  I think it is not working for me because I did a hack job before to add youtube video bbc that might be affecting this new way.  But here are the steps to the new way.  Let us know if you get it to work (or anybody else to get to work).

So here is the link.  You download the zip file from ckEditor (oh it says ckeditor4 - not sure what version we have)

You extract that zip file in


There are two other folders as well and I actually put them in all




with no luck as I stated above.

Then you go to


and add at the end of line 39 youtube like this:

config.extraPlugins = 'justify,font,colorbutton,panelbutton,floatpanel,youtube';

then you also have to add the button which I tried to add next to the spell check at line 14

{ name: 'editing',     groups: [ 'find', 'selection', 'spellchecker', 'youtube' ] },

But of course it didn't work...but like I said I have about 300 maybe you can get it to work...let us know.

Just so you know during upgrade or adding an app or rebuilding your core you will lose the stuff you added to these files so I always write down what I did and make a backup copy and call it samenameNEW.js


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Hi thank you for the plugin it works good and i can embed iframe from another server also.. i have try your way but is not work so i try the normal way like this config.extraPlugins = 'youtube';
and is work...
Now i have another problem :) i use this plugin >>
and I need it but when i enable youtube plugin the HTML5 video plugin ico disappears i can only have one how can i fix this and have both of them??

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Hold on...what do you mean the normal way.  What steps did you different or did you put it in a different folder?  Also, did you already have a config.extra.plugin line as I don't remember if I added that before or not I can't get my icon to show up on the line to even add the tube url.  I can't get mine to work so something is wrong on my side...though glad you got it to work on your side.

You need to post your steps because there are a lot of people who would love this.

Last update on August 20, 4:41 pm by JohnJr.
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when you download a plugin it give you a code like this 
[code[config.extraPlugins = 'youtube';[/code] 
i have upload the plugin in PF.Site/Apps/core-CK-Editor/assets/ckeditor/plugins ;
then i open config.js located in 
PF.Site/Apps/core-CK-Editor/assets/ckeditor/config.js ;
and in line 38, ore 39, i ad this code 
[code[config.extraPlugins = 'youtube';[/code] 
but i can only have one plugin at the time, if someone know how to add more the one please help :)

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so in the config.js you just have one line called config.extraPlugins.  I asked because I already had that line before the youtube config.extraPlugins line so now I have two.  If you check that line above I had multiple stuff on one thatline and all worked except the youtube when I added it.

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this is my config.js
and this is the editor
one ico is mising :)

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Yeah...I was able to get youtube to work but now my other extra plugins I listed ( config.extraPlugins = 'justify,font,colorbutton,panelbutton,floatpanel ) above now doesn't work..whether I put it in one line or combined the to a single line of config.extraPlugins.

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Got it to work...I guess I was missing the panelbutton folder so I just add the youtube at the end.

config.extraPlugins = 'justify,font,colorbutton,panelbutton,floatpanel,youtube';

Also you can't be missing any required folders example the Floating Panel plugin requires the Panel plugin.

I thank you for posting this question and letting me try to solve it for you.  By doing that I was able to update mine previous plugins with the new youtube plugin...awesome!


Last update on August 21, 6:48 pm by JohnJr.
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Here is an image...worth a thousand words....the youtube you don't have to add the button but on the others like justify...etc you need to add them under their correct name line.  (UPDATE:  Guess you don't have to worry about the name: row since I noticed I didn't put anything in for color or style and it still show up as a button.  So then I removed the Justify name row and it still try it both ways and see if it works.?)


Last update on August 21, 7:00 pm by JohnJr.
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I got it to work το... :) The mistake was that i try to add the code in 2 different lines example....
//config.extraPlugins = 'html5video';
//config.extraPlugins = 'youtube';
the right way is in one line like this...
config.extraPlugins = 'html5video,youtube';
Thank you for your help JohnJr :)


I did that exact same thing at first...thanks for mentionig that!  Will update my other thread so others don't make the same mistakes we did...

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How are your users using the html5video plugin?

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Also, remember that this gets written over when you upgrade, rebuild the core or install an app so write it down.


How are your users using the html5video plugin?

For .mp4 links