In my previous site version, the images uploaded by members had a cool lightbox effect (theater mode) and I could remove the display of the photo details via the admin panel. This made my photos section clean and easy on the eyes. Now I can't seem to find those settings anywhere anymore. :( They're not in the admin panel. I looked for PF.Base/module/photo/template/default/block/  and the photo module isn't even in there anymore, so I looked in PF.Site/Apps/core-photos/Block but none of those files appear to control the layout of the photo view I'm trying to edit. I've spent so much time searching. Please help if you are able. I know I can "hide" elements with CSS but I prefer to remove them so they don't take up any load time, in case CSS takes a second to load or fails to load, or someone views the page source and sees them.

Below is a screenshot of the parts I am trying to edit/remove. Please tell me where can I find them? Especially the photo stream, as it's not needed and is not working well with my theme anyway.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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I join the question above.

I spent a couple more hours last night looking for the code that generates the html for this, but still no luck. I have found the ajax functionality, and CSS but still don't see the necessary files to remove/edit it. I feel like I am just missing it. I'm not asking "how" as much as "where". I just want to do a custom template override to clean it up, and maybe bring the theater mode overlay back. Does anyone have a guess, or can you point me in the right direction?

Thank you again.

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Hi there,

- Edit file at: .../PF.Site/Apps/core-photos/views/controller/view.html.php

For Rotate right & left: Remove code from line 29 to 40.

For File size & Dimension: Remove code from line 76 to 85.

- Edit file at: .../PF.Site/Apps/core-photos/assets/main.less

Look for element: .photos_stream

You can hide it by add an attribute: display: none; 

You need to Rebuild Core Theme to make the changes to be applied.



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Thank you much for the reply! I will do as you mentioned. I just thought using display:none would only hide it, not remove it. Does it work differently because it's LESS and not just CSS? I will investigate further as I still have a lot of learning to do about the new version.

Thank you again!

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Ok. I got it sorted finally. I essentially did what was mentioned. haha

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Thank you again for the help. :)

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