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I upgraded to v4.6.1b2.  Then those blocks are gone.  do I have to change anything in setting?

Jonathan Mitchell

check admincp - Appearance - Blocks (Member Home Page) to see if you have anything set to show in those positions , if so, check to see if they are [ON]


All are on.  no change after upgrade.


Last update on May 1, 7:03 pm by vava.

Bootstrap theme showing the blocks.  only material theme doesn't.

Last update on May 2, 3:47 am by vava.

I have some of the same problem.

Bug in material theme - core.index-visitor block 1

In Internet Explorer, the welcome text appears at the bottom of the page

Featured Users for Guests are not displayed.

Google Chrome and Firefox show the welcome text at the bottom of the page
Featured Users for Guests are not displayed .


Sorry. Bootsrap theme also have the same problem. 

is there  any staff here to check this?


Hi Vava,

Material template does not allow to show other blocks on visitor page. Bootstrap template allow show all blocks. Please check your site again.


I did the upgrade twice.  the problem exist.  I've restored the backup again.  When I asked Younet (have their module too) about the issue, they said to contact phpfox because blocks are not working anywhere on the site, so the problem is on the core. 

Now I don't have support.  I upgraded from 4.2 to 4.6.1.  this may be unique issue for upgrade made from 4.2.   Will they check it? 

Paul Kellow

Hi vava,

I guess that there were some problems when upgrading your site and they made blocks 1&3 disappeared. It requires troubleshooting to know its causes. Please feel free to contact us by submitting a ticket in Client Area for assistance.


I submitted ticket already.  #628478.


@Paul Kellow,

its more than a week still no one tested the bug.  Can you please check it?