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I was hoping someone could tell me how to hide the pages a user creates from their profile menu. The block that shows the pages they "like" makes sense, but if someone is an admin or creator of a page, they may not want other users to know (such as if they created a page for their site's support team and don't want to be contacted on their personal page with site issues, or they are acting on behalf of a brand). You can hide admins from the page itself, but on the user's personal profile it still shows the pages created/administrated by them. How do I hide/remove that? (without a display:none; haha )

Thank you!

Last update on May 11, 7:19 am by Nativedragon11.

I guess I need to know how to disable the "my pages" and "my friends pages" sections too. I don't see the option in the admin panel, profile privacy section, or page permissions section. Am I missing it?

Thank you again!

Or is there maybe a way to change the sections to show only pages the user "likes" instead of pages they created?

Should I add this as a feature request? Because this seems like a security/privacy setting that is definitely needed.

Last update on May 17, 5:45 am by Nativedragon11.

Hi Nativedragon11,

We will discuss with team and consider to improve this feature. Thanks.

Thank you so much Vivian! :)