what have you found that works best for you in setting up your settings in phpfox admincp for version 4.6.1.b2

Do you use Turn off full ajax mode  YES or NO

Bundle JavaScript & CSS  YES or NO 

URL Match

If you enable this feature it will redirect a URL if the hostname does not match your active hostname.  Enabled or Disabled ?

any do's  or dont's ?  with the rest of the settings in admicp ? that you think work best for you ?


also there is a section in admincp >> Maintenance >> system overview that shows : 

Memory Limit: 0.5 b (-1)

  i have setup  php 7 with 128 even if I change to 256 or 512 it says the same 0.5.b (-1) is this correct ? do I need to make change elsewhere, is this not affect my site memory for script or do I need to make change somewhere to correct this ?

Thanks in advance for anyones time to answer my questions



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