A lot of site members want the ability to upload a "story" which is basically a short video that displays for only 24 hours on their profile, and in the site's "stories" section before deleting itself.

The option to set the story length limit (example: 1 minute), the expiration time (example: 24 hours) and usergroup settings to enable/disable for different groups, would be great.

This could be a core app, or a separate app. Either way, with the function available on the big networks, site members will be looking/asking for it on our sites too!

You would think this would be available years later

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Do these help?



Hoping someday someone will make an app that assigns Stories for PAGES and GROUPS.

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Those stories apps aren't great. Not trying to be rude but they just aren't. I am more focused on the mobile app side. 99.9 users are on the app for me.


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Hi all,

We noted your suggestion and our development team is going to consider to add Story in our platform in the future upgrades.


Vinny Ms.

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