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Is there a way to make the logo area bigger? The current size is just too small. I'm using the Material theme (but will switch to Bootstrap if necessary to get more logo space).




put this at the end of your themes bootstrap.css file.  It will get written over if you rebuild the core or upgrade.

.site-logo .site-logo-link .site-logo-icon > i {

    height: 50px;


also need this as well...

.site-logo {

    min-width: 450px;


You can mess around with the width and height to match your logo.  Both need to be at the end of your bootstrap.css file or if you figure out phpfox css theme editor you may be able to put it there.


Thank you, JohnJr. I'll give that shot today.


so ive had phpfox since 2012 they changed it so much unless youre a full time programmer youll never build your site the way you want...

leave it to the phpfox team to let you upload a simple logo and not give a way in the same area to size it accordingly....


and to me..theres no advantages over the old early versions. They all look cookie cutter now with no way for normal site owners to edit anything except colors..

Just my thoughts after wasting an hour trying to put my dang logo where i want it and at a SIZE you can actually read it!!!


ridiculously unreadable logo...


why? Why is this that way?

THE LOGO DOESNT EVEN SHOW UP ON MOBILE??? So whats the point....

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haha digging thru old hard drives tonite to find my .zip of 1.6.21 KONSORT...maybe it will run in multiphp mode..:laughing::laughing::