Im following the upgrade process but my site will not upgrade.  It still works as 4.6.0 but Im trying to upgrade it to 4.6.1b3.  just wondering what im missing.  

I uploaded the files, changed permissions, skipped down to set up Cron jobs which I did not touch becasue I laready have it set, did the finishing up steps, when I reomve files no longer used,  all it says is "all old files were deleted" (it doesn't give me a choice of how to delete files (FTP, Manual, SSH, File System)).   find missing settings, find missing phrases, clear cache, set pf.base permissions back to what it was originally.


Site does not update.  What am I missing?

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Fixed it!   When I uploaded my files I used Fil;ezilla and I did the drag and drop.  for some reason, no files were transfered even though it appeared as if the files were transfering.  I had to look at my files to see when the last modified date was.  


I went back to filezilla and right clicked on the files to be uploaded and clicked upload and it actually uploaded this time.  

Site is now updated.  I had to go through the install steps to update it.