Will it be possible to fix this error in the script before the release of the next phpfox update?

I spoke to Paul and helped me to solve the problem partially.
He fixed this error:
For which I am very grateful to him.

But this error has remained:

and Paul said I have to wait for the next update because it is not a fatal error.

The problem is that in the future, subsequent updates will be very problematic for me, because any day outside the developer will start to modify the script and very much make future updates to the new version of phpfox very difficult.
That's why I'd like to ask if it could be fixed on me?

This is the ticket number in which I raised this issue: # 302872

By the way, maybe it could be fixed and this error?

And maybe you could help me fix the problem I showed in the video?

I mean the strange behavior when scrolling the navigation bar.

Paul wrote that it's easy to fix, but I can not fix it myself.
# 609877 - this is the ticket number in which I have raised this problem.

Please help.

I promise that for the next year I will not bother you with any more problems.


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