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Can I add sub-categories to the main categories in the marketplace?

Yes, you have to:

1.Go to: Apps > Marketplace > Manage Categories

2. Click the "New Category" button on the right side of the page.

3. Choose one of the main categories as the "Parent category" in the dropdown.

4. Add your new category name, and click "Submit".


Under Apps I have only:

- installed

- purchase history

- find more

There is no manage categories

Last update on June 9, 11:04 pm by Lupus.

I know you can do this as his instructions are spot on but before you can proceed, you need some understanding.

You are correct on the menu list for Apps.

Installed - what apps you currently have installed  (sometimes you buy apps that have bugs, and you don't use them, so this only show the apps presently installed)

Purchased History - Pretty lists the Apps you purchased.  You go here to reinstall apps have you reinstall everything because you goof up your site.  I have done this a million times :)

Find More - this is where you search for Apps to purchase.

So looking at your question...

Are you looking to buy an App - No

Are you going to reinstall an App that you purchased previously - No

So I guess the only one left is that Apps you have installed :)

Now you can proceed with Nativedragon11 directions above.