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Trying to set up a PF 4.6 site is a lot like it used to be in the early days of v3. I chase down one problem only to be rewarded with another. *sigh*


I can't remove 2 Featured Blogs blocks from blog.index in the admincp. One of them won't retain its settings and one of them won't turn off (it automatically turns back on) and when I click on Settings for this one I get the error: "Invalid Request - There are no settings."

Neither block will appear on the website, even the one that won't turn off, and I can't create a new one, it never saves.

I removed all instances of Featured Blogs from the database and yet they remain listed in the admincp.


Are you saying you went into the database in the table called phpfox_block and removed block_id 65 and the new one and it is still showing up?  If so then it is your cache not clearing.  Do you have Cloudflare?


Of course! Thank you, JohnJr! Yeah I went into the database and deleted those 2 tables. No, I'm not using Cloudflare... but it was the cache not clearing. I cleared it via FTP and that got rid them in the Admincp. I should have thought of that.