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My site for some reason is stuck in offline mode. I went to admincp and re toggled the site offline setting to off and still same issues. Had cleared my cache and site cache. Anyone seen this issue, anyway to check file directly see if its set off


goto phpMyAdmin, select your database, in phpfox_settings table find "site_is_offline". Change the "value_actual" from "1" to ""!  That should work 

Last update on June 11, 6:43 pm by Whoshotya.

Change from 1 to 0


that did not work was already on zero. No sure seems to to be effected by that setting

I have had something similar happen. I would do the following:

Toggle "Site is offline?" back to "YES", click "Save Changes", clear the cache, view the site (to make sure the new setting is cached).

Then toggle "Site is offline?" back to "NO", click "Save Changes" again, clear the cache again, then visit your homepage and do a hard refresh of your browser (CTRL, F5 on windows or SHIFT, COMMAND, R on mac I believe). Sometimes, a cached version of the "offline" state gets stuck and you essentially have to kickstart the cache get it going.

I hope this is all that the issue is. Best of luck!


try to delete cache folder (PF.Base/file/cache) and reload page.

That is an excellent idea


thank you everyone got issue fixed was the internal cache in my cpanel account had to clear thanks