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When we jumped off, we opted for the launch package which includes a custom theme. We’ve tried executing the version upgrades, but we think the custom work is creating issues, and after several failures, we finally caved and decided to pay phpfox to do this for us. 

We paid them and provided login credentials on 6/13 and asked them when the upgrade would be completed. We saw that they logged in 6/13, but the upgrade isn’t complete. Additionally, they’ve been non-responsive via support tickets despite several requests for updates.

And now it’s the weekend. We’re still running in our beta mode and can’t launch without bug fixes and a few more apps that won’t allow installs because we are still running the original V4. 

Has anyone else had an experience like this or know of a better way to manage site upgrades?

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Just an update for those of you following along. We still havent received any update from phpfox as to when the update we paid for on the 13th will be completed despite asking several times via their support ticket system. 


They responded to let us know that they would complete the work on the 22nd. :/


Another update: They completed an update under a /development url for our site on the 21st and we identified one thing that needed to be fixed regarding user group permissions. Two days have elapsed and there has been no reply to this. We are still in beta and can’t move forward until this is complete. 

Meanwhile, we get emails reminding us to pay our invoices weeks before they are even due. It is so frustrating to have paid for service and get minimal support. 


It still hasn’t been completed. And I haven’t heard from them in a week. 


The saga continues. After not hearing from Ted, I made another support ticket with attention to Paul letting him know that Ted may need some help.

After that, Ted replied. We reviewed the work they did on the /development link and told Ted to apply it. I also asked if we should backup the site beforehand. He said that we should backup. We completed our backup and notified him.

It’s been two day since then and now we are going into a weekend, which means at least another two days will elapse before we can expect to hear back at which point we may need to do another backup. 

So, we are approaching a month since we paid for an update without completion. We can’t work to monetize until the update is complete. Meanwhile, phpfox is diligent in letting us know that in advance with reminders when our hosting invoice is due. They have been awesome about making sure they get their money but don’t seem as concerned about doing the work. 

This has been a bad experience, to say the least. 


The update was finally applied yesterday.


So I guess the next time we need to update, I’ll plan for it to take about a month. 


Hurray. The issue with usergroup permissions has been resolved as of yesterday. 

Now we have a registration issue where the password field duplicates instead of processing the user registration on mobile. I’m assuming it’s because of the update, but I can’t be sure.