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I have installed phpFox version 4.6.1b2 on one domain and there I have the possibility to disable downloads of songs. It appears in the user group settings in "Music" at the bottom. My other domain has version 4.6.1b4 and there the option is gone.

Also I have seen that in 4.6.1.b2 with "Material" theme the songs have the original file name when you download them. In 4.6.1b4 using a 3rd party theme you only can download songs with that ugly md5 hash as song title. 

When can I expect a correct working Music module?


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Dear snick3rs,

I can't reproduce this issue on my local site. Can you give me test account in your site?

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I think I know why everything works well with Music app on one domain and not on the other domain. The working one was a new installation of the latest phpFox, the other one was an upgrade from version 4.5.3. There was no update on the Music app, so the old functions remained.

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