Improve Custom Fields User Profile Display on INFO Tab

Using platform: v4.6.1(build 4)

NOTE:  Must use/have a few Custom Fields built within the AdminCP to understand this request. (See image 1)



From the User Profile page, and on the INFO tab

The CUSTOM FIELDS displayed on the user Profile / INFO page - ALL RUN TOGETHER with NO style/organization.

(See image 2)




Sub-divide each Custom Field by its GROUP NAME (just like it is displayed within the AdminCP). (See image 1)

Another example of custom fields display on user profile - See image 3.


PLEASE update in the NEXT version release.


Thanks for your report. We'll consider to implement in version 4.6.2.


Thanks for the reply and consideration.


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djafrika commented on Feb 5

Custom field group must be as a single block. This right now serve no purpose as each custom field acts like a separate block. Also, custom fields on profile info page are on the top. They should be on the bottom...
Text field needs to have ability to ad prefix and suffix. So that when we use it for url, that we have nice linkinstead of


neil96 commented on Apr 6

Hi ,

Thanks for your suggestion. But currently it does not map with our plan.



Same suggestion, different interpretation, different respond... 


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