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Since 2006 and I cannot find a SIMPLE "how to" on how to use/apply the Ad (App).

And NO, it is NOT fully explained within this Forum. I have searched and continue to search.

And NO, this document does not help/explain in details ( ) Its perfect for WHERE TO FIND the Ad placement, but DOES NOT give a good description on what and how it is used on the site.


Better Ads app?

Also, What is the diffence between the core app "Ad" and the other app "Better Ads" (with a very poor user rating)? What's better about it?


Can anyone make a YouTube video? 

(Maybe I'm simple - So, I need simple instructions.)


  • How to start using the Ad app.
  • What are Ad Placements? Why are they important to setup? How are they used on the site? (By all means, give a few examples on how to use it).
  • Step-by-step on how users/members Place an Ad.
  • Step-by-step on how users/members Sponsor an Ad. (And what's the difference: sponsor/ad?)
  • What must Admin do, once an Ad has been placed? How do they know/notified that an Ad has been placed? Where do they check?


Since 2006:  This is obvisouly a PRETTY BIG DEAL FOR SCRIPT OWNERS (to Advertise) if the SAME questions keep coming up on how to use the Ad app.

So please, PROVIDE BETTER guidance/instructions on how to use this App.

Please, do not past in OLD and outdated forum links to follow. I have checked them all (by forum search) and everyone is still confused.


One day I will figure this out and write a simple (step-by-step/with images) for us all.

Comments please....

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