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I have Google API in admincp and when I try to add my location in feed it doesn't produce map  only a link and the link doesn't correspond to location I enter. 

If I add an address in tye event app the map shows up. So the API is working. I have all map api's setup. When I log into Google to see my ststus of howany times I've used the maps. It shows the correct number.  So I assume it's tye script .

Anyone else having this issue. Using 4.6.1.b4 fresh install. I also have enable location sharing in admincp

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Last update on July 4, 6:26 am by spirog.

For me i'ts the same, I had this problem also on 4.6.1.b3

Last update on July 5, 7:40 am by Petrutz.
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@neil @phpfox 

Can you guys please check this on latest 4.6.1.b4 make fresh I stall and try yourself, i have Google API. I made app changes in Google site for paid account. Etc etc .created new API key. It's not working .this has to be a bug .Please create fresh install and try your Google API  on your demo  in a fresh install and see it won't work .


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Hi, I found out the reason. Php7.0 only works .php7.1 and php7.2 is not working with maps .

See I have a post there with my phone extensions .so you can see if you have same php extensions .and if 7.0 works for you. Not sure why php7.1 and php7.2 doesn't work .maybe phpfox Devs can answer this .






OK for maps to work in php7.1 

 Please update php.ini on php version > 7.1
Set serialize_precision = -1

still waiting on an answer to see if maps will work with php7.2

this was given by devs on github


I did this on php7.2  in php.ini 

Set serialize_precision = -1

As was instructed. And now maps work perfect in feed.  


Thank you hope this helps someone else .