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This is one of the main reason why my phpFox website user’s left or stay away on my site. No one happy to see your photo moment that you haven’t head. Till’ now phpFox developers did not give this issue an small priority.

Last update on July 14, 1:16 pm by Fox Observer.

No one happy to see your photo moment that you haven’t head. Till’ now

Hi sorry but Im not following you what sdo you mean by this ? can you make more clear what you mean ?





Fox Observer

Hi sorry but Im not following you what sdo you mean by this ? can you make more clear what you mean ?

Please look at the image and you will can see what I'm talking about.


It might be a css issue...if you create an account for me and send me that info to login and send me the URL to the specific issue I can give you the css code.  Do that only if you see this issue in the main feed.  If you see this issue everywhere on your site then just private message me the website address and if the site is public not private I should not have to log in to see the issue.  Test it before by logging out and check to see if you can find the issue without logging in.

Fox Observer

That screenshot is from phpfox demo site. This problem shows only on the news feed only. I need developers fix this issue on the next release.  I don’t want to touch any codes from phpfox and the next update the problem is comeback on my site. I need developers fix this to everyone on this community.

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Last update on July 14, 7:06 pm by Fox Observer.

Ok, first just because you posted the picture that already had cut off heads on the phpfox demo doesn't actually help as it is just an image already messed up.  But, I did post several images myself and see where the issue is.  As I stated above it is the CSS.  There really isn't much they can do as the feed is suppose to be organized and compact so they set it up to show in rows of two and use the original image and use CSS to shrink it down.  The problem come in when the image height is a lot larger than the width.

so the CSS in charge of this is: ._app_photo .activity_feed_multiple_image > div .photo_holder_image:not(.photo-single-image), .feed_share_photo .activity_feed_multiple_image > div .photo_holder_image:not(.photo-single-image), ._app_photo_album .activity_feed_multiple_image > div .photo_holder_image:not(.photo-single-image)

and the property is: background-size: cover;

if you change it from cover to contain then you would get the full picture but you would not have 4 perfectly size images.


Here is what it looks like if you set it to contain.

As you can see it looks unorgainized lots of white space.  Here is the original of the phpfox site.

Last update on July 15, 1:23 am by JohnJr.

I can't image that many people are leaving the site over the feed images because when you click on it, you get the full image through phpfox.  Facebook also does somewhat the same thing except they change it up a bit depending on how many images you post giving different size images to show...but they still cut off more on the sides than on the top.

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thanks @JohnJr but that is not professional look for social media site. see how facebook show multiple images upload on news feed using mobile browser

that is one of the example how you care all the moments of capture each users you have on your website community. people come to our website to share life experiences and our news feed messup their image of the way how phpfox design the crop of images that people makes look s not comportable.

I hope phpfox developers give some attention this thread and this is good for us and to our community website.


Now I do get on phpfox case when they have bugs to fix...but this is not a bug.  I also think it is unfair to compare phpfox which has at most 10 employees in the phpfox division compare to Facebook which has over 25,000.  So if you expect phpfox to compete against a company who has billions of dollars to make stuff will always lose.  I always have to remind myself when I get upset that there is a big difference between a $500 piece of software and $1,000,000 piece of software.  Just think of how many coding hours a day go into facebook with all those employees...even if you say only 10% work on the code daily that is still 2500 compared to our 1 or 2.


You could always put in a feature request on their github never know :)

Last update on July 15, 4:02 am by JohnJr.
Fox Observer

I’m tired to report this issue since v3 and this is hold as a design update. Im not compare phpfox and facebook about this photo croping picture on news feed development. I’m talking about how social media works presentable and look professional to our site users. Advanced feed also by younetco and phpfoxexpert follow how default phpfox present the multiphoto upload on news feed. We are following the generation of social media even we are browser social media platfom must be we have a strawberryfield on our site user taste.

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I found this...maybe phpfox can look at what this person describes for multi-images on facebook.  Do a search on the page for -

Uploading Multiple Images to a Page Timeline

Seems very interesting.


@JohnJr nice find article was pretty interesting to read. :)

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