After upgrade to 4.6.1 Build 5 photo app is not generate 500 px and 1024 px image. So i doo not have Thumbnail in hoto app and in feed. the same hapen when i upload photo in feed.

No Photo app Thumbnail 500px -

No Photo app Thumbnail 1024px in feed -

Photo app is only generate 75px, 100px, 150px, and the original image -

I have done all the necessary moves

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try read this 

Keep Non Square Images
By default we create 2 thumbnails for each image. One keeps the original aspect ratio and the other is a fixed square image. With our current themes we only use the fixed square images. The original aspect ratio images are not really needed and disabling this feature is advised.

it say disabling this feature is advised ???

if you disable this some photos not show

try to allow square and reupload your cover photo PS not sure how fast your cdn gets admioncp settings when you change them might have to claer cache and then reuploag cover phpto and other photos


Last update on August 18, 2018 by spirog.
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I remember AWG was having issues with images and that solved his problem....keep non square images.  Good suggestion!