1) I would like to know, how does a user get paid if they have a listing on marketplace and we have enabled the buy it now ?

2) does user have to add there paypal account and when someone clicks on buy it now they get paid directly to there paypal account ?

3) also is there a way to allow website owners to make a pecentage of the sale (we allow users to post for free and we get  (5% 10% 15 % 20%) like ebay or poshmark does ?

 we can decide what the percentage of the sale we want to charge.

4) is there a way to set a price limit of what someone can sell, so we only allow 100.00 selling limit or 50.00 selling limit, registered user can only sell items or services for a set price we as admins create, so no one ever gets ripped off of thousands of dollars ? we can make it so its limited to only what we choose in admincp marketplace

example :. items to be sold can only have a selling price of 50.00 or less or 25.00 or less

5) One other question, how would the shipping work, regstered user is responsible for shipping, but what about scams, someone sells something to a registerd user and then they recieve money - but never get the item, are we as the website owners responsible - can we get into trouble ? 

6) then my last question - if we as admins want to be the only ones to sell items to our registered users - is this possible -  and we get paid on our paypal accounts also? 




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You have to have the payments app enabled and users have to go into their profile info and connect their account (like PayPal) to their profile on your platform. Then they will be able to get paid. 

Admins can post items for sale and you change it in user group settings that only admins can post listings. 

We have a policy that people caught scamming are banned from the platform, but the payment gateway is the entity that handles disputes. 

As far as I know, there isn’t a way to take a percentage of sales easily. I’ve been trying to figure out something like this, too. 

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