D.O.I. - Date of issue     D.O.B. - Date of bug

  •     D.O.I. found: 7/23/16
  •     D.O.B Confirmed: 7/23/18
  •     Version: 4.63
  •     PhpFox version:


I found this bug awhile back in 2016 and sent a email back then.   The response was that it was an issue with phpfox.  Now that I am a little smarter...just a little. I still don't see the background picker working for PAGES when they use a Vanity URL which is what most people will do with pages.  I consider this a bug since the description for this product does not indicate that it does not work with Vanity URL's.


Current Status in store:  ?

Date of fix:  ?

DIY Fix: Listed below

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