I was wondering is there a way to have 2 forums and rename one to docs or KB..

I want to make a docs or KB for users to be able to know how to use the website. So I would like to know. Is there a way I can copy forums app and rename it to KB app and then install it as another app. So I will have phpfox forums and a copy of forums renamed as KB this way I can make one for knowledge base for users and the other one is just phpfox regular forums app ?

Last update on August 26, 2018 by spirog.

Or can phpfox do this as another app for us .just rename to KB. And make it a default app for phpfox.. included so we can have it as a KB for our website users .?? Thanks. 



Last update on August 27, 2018 by spirog.
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Yes, I have to use the forum as well because there are no good add-ons out there a knowlege base/FAQ area.