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I don't think is is an option now,

But would be great if we as admins can create a user group and set a staff (admin) to manage only that user group.

The staff would basically be admin but only for a certain user group.

This would be awesome.


1 So I can now setup a company - set website to private.

2 Create teams - departments as my user groups

3 add a staff (admin) to manage that user group only


add user group 1 (team - dept 1) and set staff (admin) to manage only user group 1 (team 1)

add user group 2 (team - dept 2) and set another staff  (admin) to manage user group 2 (team 2)

If we have a company that has an IT team we can add those members to group 1 and there manager is the staff (admin). (which is the manager of team 1 only)

Now we have team 2 which is advertising department. We can add those members to team 2 and there manager is staff (admin) to this group (which is the manager of team 2 only)


Each staff (admin) can only control, edit, delete, view and collaborate in thier user group - team1 or team 2


This would go perfect with my other idea of adding users from admin for a private company, and ADD so Much more functionality to PHPfox script :)


hope you really consider this feature it will open the doors for more $$$$ for PHPfox and us to sell to companies who want an Awesome Company intranet - Private website for their Teams - departments to manage efficiently and be more productive

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also read


make it possible when you create different user groups to create a super admin.

(super admin) has different browse views:
we now have browse members and online members ( you can view every member that is on website.)

  • Now if we can add a second view for super admin to view a list of user groups (like browse members), but browse user groups only..

I have created app adminCP add users from admincp

App is in store

part 2 will incorporate more as I mention above

Still working  on it  just FYI. 



Suggested something similar a long time ago.... Nothing came of it. Hopefully we'll get something this time around. :)



this is my app i created to add users

I will be working on more updates in the future