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Is there any way to remove or hide the file name of photos and videos?!

It´s terrible to open the photo details and see "234245DSC.jpg" at photo page...

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Last update on August 27, 11:12 pm by Daniel Alonso.

Where should i include this ccs?



The great thing is too hide photo and video name and details anywhere...

How can i disable this information in everypage?!


add it to your themes css in the theme manager. i did not read that you also want to hide it for video... change the code to this:

#page_v_index .item-title,
#page_v_play .breadcrumbs-bottom,
#page_photo_index .item-title,
#page_photo_view .breadcrumbs-bottom {
Last update on August 28, 2:52 pm by Scheinwelt-Media.

This css is not working yet!

Photo file name is still showing as "dimensions" and "file size"...
Everything still appearing...


it works for me... where did you add it?


At the end of theme css, using theme editor...


At the end of theme css, using theme editor...


what theme is it?

Material theme

Sorry, i´m using bootstrap theme.



It funny how I just found this and I wasn't looking for it.  I am at the moment having the same issue with the material theme and CSS.  But it is odd since the old stuff I entered into the CSS editor is working but I just tried to add something new and it doesn't seem to work...even added !important but that doesn't help either.


Yeah, they screwed something up in this last update.  I just took my CSS changes out and refresh the screen and it removes all my updates (which is correct) but then I pasted those CSS changes back and updated again and now they don't show.  But here is my stupidity part.  I thought I could maybe switch to the bootstrap theme and then switch back which may clear the issue...nope.  Now I can't even get the material theme back.  I don't even know why I try sometimes.


So I was able to get back to my Material Theme Clone.  Although it saves your CSS updates you put in there.  It is not actually calling that file I am guessing.  I even added back all my updates to the Main Material Theme and again nothing.  I know positively that it worked because I still had one tab with all my css changes still on the screen until I refreshed...poof all gone for now :)


 So it looks like to me the CSS editor is no longer updating the auto.css file.  Can someone verify this before I post it on GitHub?