Okay, having a major problem on my site where every now and then user pictures disappear. The path is still there but the image has disappeared off the server. Also feed items get deleted for hours of content.

I'm not sure what is causing this but I'm trying to put the images from the back up back into the folders for now.

Even though I replaced the images they still do not show up or come up as a page not found on the site. Does anyone have any idea how I can put the pictures back and have them show up on the site until I figure this problem 

I have a direct url to a photo that is on the server and I get a page not found, when others work just fine.

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Ok figured out the problem with pics, had to change permissions to my account on the server.


Still dont know why they are getting deleted from the server

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Did you disable setting "Keep Non Square Images" on your site?


Keep Non Square Images
By default we create 2 thumbnails for each image. One keeps the original aspect ratio and the other is a fixed square image. With our current themes we only use the fixed square images. The original aspect ratio images are not really needed and disabling this feature is advised.



Currently, if you set it NO. So, the avatar with suffix _120 doesn't exist.
We will fix this bug in Music and Core.

see this is a bug waiting on fix ?

see the photos on github that i posted where this feature is in admincp

and see if it is YES or NO




also for feed there is a setting in feed app that aalows you to remove feeds after certain days see below photo


apps> installed> feeds> settings



hope this helps, 



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