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Hi! I've created a (BRL) corrency wich changes , for . and made it default, but it still not changing. How can i force it?


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I know this is obvious but I have to ask...did you clear the cache?


Yes i did...

The app i'm measuring is the Social Store. I'll check marketplace.




Although I purchased the social store app,  I am currently not using it. There is no pick up in store as well as the tax rate was whole numbers if I remember correctly, and where I live, it is 5.5%.   Have those been fixed yet?

Since I don't have it installed...maybe something here might help...



The problem is this and it will take a long time to resolve:





Sorry :(


Too long...Phpfox team have to take into account, that if they target international costomers, they need to make international currency a standart solution (as well the ability to disable language selection). I have added to git this request:

"You should implement a javascript auto ponctuation (, and .), leaving only the numbers to be typed by the users."


Thank you all for the feedback.


Yes, I agree.  I looked at the code, and I can't find where they actually used the "phpfox_currency" table - field called "format" in the code. Also, you are definitely not the first to ask about this either.

#8 This should be priority for phpfox. I'll investigate too.



You mean this one?




That just creates the table...


Hi! I think that this is the file. I have changed and it worked for the market. Not in the social store though.


lines 178-182;

The problem is that this is a core file (you know about phpfox warnings).

To include comma, i have change the input field, from text to number, and i'm no longer getting the "type a valid namber" message.



WOW!  I was missing that whole file on my download for dreamweaver...very odd.  I see the code now where they at least grab the field in question.  I didn't look at the code (although I did download the files to my c drive now) since implied you got it to work...congrats.

Regarding phpfox warning, just make sure to make three files.

currencyORIG.class.php  - save as the original in case you need to go back.

currencyNEW.class.php  - save the new info as a new file in case of an upgrade, or it gets written over...will save you time seeing what you have done.

currency.class.php - is the original file with the changes saved and uploaded to your server.

I also keep an excel spreadsheet of all code changes I do and why I did it and what page it affects.


Yes! I do that

In my case, i have not solved the conversion yet...I'm investigating ecommerce and ynsocialstore to see where the damn file